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Fades is the name I gave to my first multichannel sound installation back in 1999. I named it Fades because its main character resides in a continuous slightly changing process, like an endless transformation in which it's impossible to determine whether a new section starts or ends. In time I developed different formats of the piece and I still work on newer implementations and research on the concept of Fades. Here below is a list of formats.

Sound installation
Multichannel audio set for sound galleries and exhibition spaces. Spatial distribution of computer generated sinewaves.
Fades is also the sound of The Dream Room, Permanent sound and light environment in collaboration with my partner Alessandra Zucchi at Spazioersetti, Udine.

Specifically designed to run via web in order to offer an exhibition for non limited number of speakers and collective participation.
It generates slow changing sound and color structures in realtime and offers the opportunity to set up a Fades environment in private or public spaces simply by connecting one or more computer to the web.

Stereo CD
In 2006 Massimo Simonini offered me to release the CD version of Fades under his Bologna based label I Dischi di angelica.

Standalone application

Downloadable standalone application. Made for demo purposes and released under CC Licence. Simply unzip and run. UB Mac OSX only.



Dreamspaces is a series of audiovisual installations made in collaboration with architect and media artist Alessandra Zucchi and inspired by twentieth-century artists’s works particularly focused on the relationship between human body and architectural space (Dan Flavin, Le Corbusier, Anish Kapoor, Maurice Agis, Verner Panton, Marian Zazeela, James Turrell to list just a few of them). The space and acoustic environment is rehandled, manipulated, offered to the audience in a new shape of light and sound. A different dimension that combines contemplative fruition of ambiences with seventies style visionariness.
Successfully exhibited in Milan, Athens, Berlin, New York, Barcelona and Lisbon. Visit the Dreamspace website or click here for more info.


TMO_milan la Topolovska Minimalna Orkestra è un’orchestra sui generis, composta in parte da ragazzi, ragazze e musicisti dilettanti che suonano intorno allo stesso spartito insieme a fior di professionisti provenienti da diversi generi musicali. L’Orkestra, nata a Stazione Topolò nel 2008 ha una struttura aperta, i suoi elementi cambiano continuamente. I brani del suo repertorio contengono elementi aleatori che rendono le loro esecuzioni sempre uniche e irripetibili. Dal 2008 ad oggi si è esibita in varie occasioni sia in Italia che all'estero. Una lista completa dei musicisti che partecipano a questo progetto è qui. Foto qui.

«È un evento non comune quello che vede una orchestra della nostra regione esibirsi per una diretta radiofonica a Radiotre, il canale culturale Rai; ancora più raro se ciò accade nella fascia piú seguita, la prima serata. Questo è quanto avverrà venerdí, alle 21.05, quando la Topolovska Minimalna Orkestra, diretta dall’udinese Antonio Della Marina, salirà sul palco di uno dei piú prestigiosi teatri milanesi, il Dal Verme, per l’esecuzione dal vivo di In C, capolavoro del minimalismo musicale composto nel ’64 dall’americano Terry Riley».
(Il Messaggero Veneto - 15 settembre 2010)

Topolovska Minimalna Orkestra is an open and all-changing ensemble created in 2008 with the aim of gathering all musicians, amateurs and professionals, young and "less young", who populated TopolÚ in the month of July. They perform Terry Riley's "In C". The members come from very different backgrounds: classic, jazz, ethno, rock, electroacoustic, oberkrajner, improvisation...all gathered without differences around the same score.


ToBe Continued...
24 hour relay of sounds for World TB Day. Starting at 00.00 hours of every March 24th until midnight of the same day to support the fight against tuberculosis. Organized by Stazione di Topolò, under the aegis of the World Health Organization. The music featured is very disparate, from ethno to classical, from ambient to experimental sounds. The fundamental principle is the un-interrupted stream of music lasting 24 hours. The list of the participants grows year by year, and artists have joined in from all over the planet: Iran, United States, Malaysia, China, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, Kazakistan, South Africa, Russia, Lebanon, South Korea, India and many more. Among the contributors, some of the most prestigious international names in the field of experimental music.

Pushing the Medium
International symposium on sound and mixed media art. Started by John Grzinich in 2004, it evolved into three editions that took place in Estonia, Portugal and Italy.

Giambotta Projekt
mixed media collaborative project.

Web Session
a stage on the web


OnAir log

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